Learn To Fly a Helicopter During this Introductory Flight Lesson Over Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota
Discover the thrill of flying and take the controls of a Robinson R22 Helicopter and Learn to Fly in Blaine, Minnesota during a Hands-On Discovery Flight Lesson. This exciting flight lesson begins at Blaine Airport with a pre-flight orientation and instruction during which your Certified Flight Instructor will teach you everything you need to know before you take-off. They will discuss the Helicopter's flight controls, how to read the gauges, what to look for in conducting the pre-flight inspection, how to make sure the helicopter is safe to fly and finally, how the helicopter actually flies. Once the ground instruction is

complete, you and your Instructor will climb into the helicopter and get ready for take-off. Once in the air, you will enjoy amazing views of the Minneapolis and St. Paul as you control the helicopter. Throughout helicopter flight, and with the help of your flight instructor you will have the opportunity to experience various flight conditions, including: straight and level flight, climbs, turns and descents, plus the hovering.
With the ground school and flight combined, after this exciting Helicopter Flying Lesson in Minneapolis you will have a basic understanding of How to Fly a Helicopter all on your own!

  WHO: The Minneapolis Helicopter Flying Lesson Certificate is for one participant. This is a private flight lesson.
WHEN: The Minneapolis Helicopter Flying Lesson Experience is offered seven days a week year-round, subject to availability.
CANCELLATION POLICY All changes to reservations for the Minneapolis Helicopter Flying Lesson Experience require seven (7) days advance notice.

*Weight restrictions apply, passenger weight must not exceed 240lbs, other options are available, please contact us.

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